Vocal Sesh!

Vocal Sesh!











“Using singing as a tool to find your voice, build self esteem and confidence, whatever your ability and goal may be.”


Shout out to the younger generation 6 – 18yrs!

Whether you are a singer already, a discovery that you may have a voice but NO idea how to use it, you may secretly want to sing but a little nervous of stepping out to try, a hopeful budding performer, a dancer that needs to strengthen in their singing, you’d like to work on confidence, performance, prepare and work on those audition pieces, interested in recording technique & different genre styles, keen to enter the music industry……

My sessions are all about YOU and what YOUR goals are!

For the younger kids, well, we can have some fun and help you discover the voice you have inside of you and SO much more! (It’s amazing the impact singing can have)

Adults. Yes, all the above applies to you also 😉

I am passionate about helping YOU discover YOUR unique voice and bringing the best out in YOU,  getting to know you, working together, conquering fears and building on your self belief and confidence.

Using vocal technique to equip you and give you the tools to discover your potential and maintain what you achieve.

Every session includes lots of laughing and FUN! :)

One 2 one or small groups sessions.

Please call me for a chat!


07825 567687